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Aeronaut Mowe 2 Fishing Boat

Part No:
Price: 52.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 51.67 / US$60.50 Tax Free

Aeronaut Mowe 2 Fishing Boat - Model Boat Kit
The Mowe is based on a typical North Sea cutter, and is an ideal all-wood model for the beginner to the hobby. It is also suitable for group work, e.g. as a school technology project. All parts are supplied die-cut or sawn to shape and virtually ready to fit; assembly is absolutely straightforward and can be completed in a very short time using only simple tools (scissors, drill, clothes pegs, screwdriver, pins and adhesive tape). The deck serves as a building jig: the bulkheads are erected on it and glued to the thin plywood hull sides

Length 495mm
Width 168mm
Height 350mm

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