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Aeronaut Marina

Part No:
Price: 145.99

Approx: 143.56 / US$159.37 Tax Free

Aeronaut Marina Model Boat Kit
The Marina has been designed with the runabouts of the 1960ies in mind, powered by an outboard engine (not included) and with room for 6 people.

The model is constructed in the same manner as most aero-naut boats, using a special technique to build a straight and true hull. All parts are laser cut and just need to be placed on the included aero-naut jig to be glued together. Hull and deck are beautiful mahogani veneer, which is brought to life by the application of several coats of clear varnish.

A set of photo-etched parts puts the finishing touches to the model: cockpit instruments, window frames and a flashy name plate give the model a striking appearance.

Outboard motors like our Aqua-Race 50 or Aqua-Race 60 with an output of ca. 300 W provide the model with ample power not only for a comfortable cruising speed but for an exciting perfomance. Equipped with a 2-3s LiPo the Marina will give you all the fun you are looking for.

The kit contains laser-cut parts and mahogany veneer for hull and deck, the proven aero-naut jig, phot-etched parts, synthetic leather for the seats and required hardware. Detailed and illustrated building instructions complete the kit.

Length: 670mm
Width: 230mm

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