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Aeronaut Aqua Race 60 Outboard Motor

Part No:

Price: 67.50

Approx: 66.38 / US$73.69 Tax Free

Modern outboard motor for boats such as the Spitfire, Capri, Jenny and other models up to about 80 cm in length. The motor is cowled to protect it from water. Flexible shaft drive. The unit is attached to the model boat's transom by means of four screws, and features about 7 mm height adjustment; the thrust angle can be adjusted by about +/- 5°. The set does not include the motor or propeller, but does include a 3.17 / 4.0 mm coupling.

Technical Specifications:
RPM 26000
Height 157mm
Length 123mm
Width 54mm
Length 123mm

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