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Aeronaut Anna 3 Fishing Cutter Inc Fittings

Part No:
Price: 237.60

Approx: 229.68 / US$241.56 Tax Free

Aeronaut Anna 3 Fishing Cutter
Anna 3 is modelled after a typical fishing cutter which trawl the North and Baltic Seas with a net fixed to one side of the hull.

The scale of 1:20 offers a spacious vacuum formed ABS hull. The kit comes with laser-cut wood parts and a wooden deck that has all the planks and details engraved. The parts for the wheelhouse are made from mahogany plywood, the window panes are laser-cut as well and fit the openings perfectly. Masten and booms are aluminium.

The Anna 3 kit features a detailed winch which in fact is a kit of laser-cut parts in itself and has a good number of photo-etched parts to increase the level of detail. The winch can easily be converted into a working winch by means of installing an electronic sail winch servo (not included). If required additional functions can be realized.

Anna 3 comes with a set of about 100 photo-etched parts which add detail and realism to the model. Most components of the superstructure are enhanced by photo-etched parts.
The working search light can be swiveled horizontally and vertically and can be used as a search light or to illuminate the deck. Many additional functions can be realised in this model, for example by using our light modules.
We recommend our new Race 620 navy (Order-No. 7000/xx) with a rated speed of 3.400 RPM for a most realistic model speed.
Detailed instructions explain how to build the model. There are graphics and text to explain each building step, just as it has become the standard for all modern models by aero-naut.

The kit contains:
Vacuum-formed ABS hull, laser-cut and engraved deck, laser-cut wood parts (mahogany plywood, birch plywood, aluminium tubes for masts and booms, material for rigging, propeller shaft and comprehensive instructions.

The kit also includes working search light, navigation lights and working lights, anchors, blocks, cleats, winch kit, pulleys, life belts, port holes and many more small parts as well as set of approximately 100 photo-etched parts.

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