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MFA Torpedo 800 with Belt Drive Unit

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Price: 61.22 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 67.96(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$64.29(Tax Free)
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This unit has been developed to meet a requirement where high torque, lower r.p.m. than direct drive is required. It is particularly suitable for marine applications where driving a large propeller at lower r.p.m. is very efficient and quieter.

The unit is powered by MFA/Como Drills Torpedo 800 series 12v d.c. 3 pole motor, with heavy duty carbon brush gear and double ended 6.35mm drive shaft. The motor is mounted on a rugged 1.5mm steel right angle bracket. The 2.1:1 reduction is achieved via two precision aluminium timing pulleys utilising a high quality toothed timing belt. The final drive is delivered through two block mounted precision ballraces with a 6mm keyed steel output shaft.

The Torpedo 800 motor version will deliver around 1229 g.cm torque (0.12 Nm) running at maximum efficiency.
Output shaft speed on 12v (800 motor): 2300 r.p.m. approx.

Output shaft speed on 12v (800 motor): 2300 r.p.m. approx.

Operating Voltage 12 volts.
Current approx.5.28A at max efficiency.
RPM at 12.0v - 4289 at max efficiency.
Weight 595g (approx)
Shaft Diameter - 6.35mm

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