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Vosper MTB (Model Boat Plan)

Part No:
Model Boat Magazine

Price: 14.50 incl. VAT
Approx: 15.95 / US$15.70

Vosper MTB : A GLYNN GUEST design for a semi-scale MTB. This is a two sheet scale plan for a typical WW2 Vosper MTB. It is to an approximate scale of 1:32 producing a model just over 26 1/4 inches (670mm) long and of 7 inches (180mm) beam. It is intended for radio control with a single electric drive motor, or for static display. The model is simple to build using balsawood and is ideal for beginners to the hobby.
A laser cut pack of wooden components to build just the hull is available separately HULLMM2062.

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