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Modelcraft Essential Modelling Kit

Part No:
Price: 54.95

Approx: 53.57 / US$55.41 Tax Free

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Modelcraft Essential Modelling Kit

All the modelling tools you need in one handy zip case. Ideal for scale modelling, rail, RC, wargaming and more.

Perfect for modelling on the go, this set is ideal for the true enthusiast.

Kit includes:

• Flush Cutter for precise cuts in plastic, soft metals & wire

• Hobby Knife with 3 Spare Blades, Saber & Keyhole Saw Blades

• Scriber with 5 Spare Blades, for marking and scoring

• Straight & Angled Tweezer for picking & placing components

• Pin Vice with 5 Drill Bits, for plastics, soft metals & wood

• LED Screwdriver with 6 Bits (PH000, PH00, PH0, 1.5, 2 & 3mm)

• Mouldline Remover for removing flash and mouldlines

• Half-Round File for smoothing and preparing surfaces

• Flexi Abrasive ideal for finishing and polishing work

• Super Fine Brush with 2 replaceable tips and lightweight body

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