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Humbrol Clearfix 28ml

Part No:
Price: 5.75 (Including VAT)

Approx: 5.60 / US$6.32 Tax Free

Humbrol Clearfix 28ml
Usage: A solvent based polymer solution for use as an adhesive on clear plastic parts without the risk of 'frosting' effect sometimes seen with traditional glues and for making windows translucent areas of 3mm or less.
Substrate: Common plastics used to manufacture model kits including polystyrene and ABS.
Application: A cocktail stick is usually the most practical means of application. Run a small drop of Clearfix around the edge of the window then draw across the opening to produce a thin membrane.
Drying Time: Overnight.
How to Clean: Excess should be wipped away using a damp cloth. Permanent once dry.

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