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Graupner Water Pump 6V - 12V

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Price: 11.24 incl. VAT
Approx: 12.59 / US$11.43
Temporarily unavailable.

Graupner Water Pump 6V - 12V
12 V water pump. Compact, self-aspiring pump of high performance for universal application in larger and smaller model boats and ships.

Operating voltage 6V-12V
Pump capacity approx. 1200ml/min @12V / approx 700ml/min @6v
Current drain: 2.8A @ 12V / 1.3A @6V
Dimensions approx. Ø 58x30 mm
Weight approx. 85g

Please Note: These pumps are not designed for continuous running, they should be run in bursts of up to 30 seconds, followed by a 2 minute cooling period. 3mm silicone tubing.

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