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16 Channel Switch Module

Part No:

Price: 100.55 incl. VAT
Approx: 112.61 / US$102.22
Temporarily unavailable.

The 16-channel switch module can control up to 16 functions with the multichannel of the mc-16, mc-20, mc-26, mc-28 and mc-32 computer transmitters. Whether LEDs, relays with memory or as a touch function. The module provides all possibilities - even fail-safe.
The module has been specially developed for our HOTT systems and transmits the functions over2.4 Ghz absolutely secure. It also runs on the old 40 Mhz system, but not on converted transmitters like the mc-19-HOTT.
Perfect combinations are the corresponding switching relay no. 4159.1 to 4159.3. They can be used to control and switch direct loads such as water pumps, cranes or electric motors for cable winches.

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