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ZTW Shark Marine 80A BEC ESC (2-6 LiPo) (Water-cooled)

Part No:
Price: 46.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 45.82 / US$53.65 Tax Free

ZTW Shark Marine 80A BEC ESC (2-6 LiPo) (Water-cooled)
Light and compact.
Over-heat protection circuitry.
Low voltage protection
Lost signal protection
Super smooth linear throttle response
Water cooling system
Forward and reverse with adjustable endpoints
Suits 5 – 12 cell NiMH packs

Product Description
Designed specifically to provide a solid hassle-free performance, Shark programmable brushless marine ESCs offer high quality components programmed with ZTW’s mature software at a price that’ll have you reaching for your bank card. Water cooled, waterproof and packing a built-in switch-mode BEC – with a maximum current handling capability ranging from 2A (Shark 20 and 30) through 3A (Shark 40) to 5A (Shark 50, 60, 70 & 80) – each speed controller features Over Temperature Protection and includes a high-throttle safety function that prevents the ESC from arming the motor if the throttle stick is not fully closed. Fact is, for those who seek an affordable fit 'n' forget solution, there really isn’t a better alternative.

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