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UDI Tempo Speed Boat 2.4Ghz RTR

Part No:

Price: 53.99 incl. VAT
Approx: 58.85 / US$57.59
Temporarily unavailable.

The UDI002 Tempo Boat is an excellent value speedboat with many impressive features only seen on high end boats! With a tough moulded hull and tightly sealing top deck it is tough for everyday use and forms an effective seal against water ingress. The sleek hull design allows the boat to self-right if it flips over and it is capable of speeds up to 30kph!

The power comes from a watercooled brushed motor connected to a sealed box containing all the electronics to keep them dry and reliable. UDI always have safety in mind and have designed the Tempo so that the motor is only activated when the boat is in the water, this stops you from accidently injuring yourself with the propeller when out of the water.

A 2.4GHz pistol style transmitter is included for reliable running and ease of use. It features an audible telemetry warning so that if the boat battery is running low on power the transmitter 'bleeps' to indicate you should return, helping to avoid being stranded in the middle of the boat pond! It also has a function to detect the signal weakening if you push the boat past its 150m range allowing you to turn back before you goo too far.
The boat comes ready to run and requires no assembly, it includes a quality 2.4GHz radio, Li-Po battery, display stand, spare propeller and a USB charger.

• 2.4GHz Radio System Included
• Self-Righting Hull Design
• Water Cooled Motor
• Low Voltage Alarm
• Range Warning if the Signal Weakens
• The Propeller will not Spin Unless the Boat is in the Water!
• Storage/Display Stand Included
• Spare Propeller Included
Available in various colours, supplied at random.
Note: Requires 4 x 'AA' batteries for the transmitter.

Duration: 6-8 Minutes (Approx)
Hull Material: ABS
Range: 120m (Approx)
Length: 425mm
Height: 90mm
Weight: 550g
Servos: 1x 9g (Inc.)
Radio System: 2.4GHz Pistol (Inc.)
Electric Motor: 390 Class Brushed (Inc.)
LiPo: 7.4V (2x 3.7V) 1500mAh (Inc.)
Beam: 110mm
Charger: USB (Inc.)
Speed: 30 kph (Approx)

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