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Tamiya The Wild One

Part No:

Price: 199.99 (Including VAT)
Euro: 233.99 (Inc VAT) US$213.32 (Tax Free)

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This is a re-released version of Item 58050, the classic Tamiya 2WD R/C buggy which was originally released in 1985. A roll cage and headlights help give this buggy a scale-realistic presence. The body and roof are made from durable, lightweight polycarbonate and a driver figure is included to liven up the cockpit. Ribbed front tires provide directional control and rear tires feature a block tread pattern for high grip, allowing you to enjoy dynamic off-road action.

Durable lightweight ABS frame is matched with a battery case which is compatible with modern power sources such as Tamiya Racing Packs and LF batteries. 4-wheel independent suspension is equipped with aluminum oil dampers and trailing arms and a wide tread ensures excellent off-road stability. Enclosed gearbox protects against dirt and debris and is equipped with a differential for smooth cornering. In addition, driveshafts feature dogbone-type joints and dust covers to ensure superb protection.

Length: 425mm
Height: 140mm
Width: 225mm
Wheelbase: 255mm
Tread (F/R): 190mm
Tire Width/Diameter: 23/83mm (Front), 38/88mm (Rear)
ABS Frame Chassis
Polycarbonate Body
Rear Motor, Rear-Wheel Drive
3-Bevel Differential
F/R Single Trailing Arm Susupension
F/R Aluminum Oil Dampers
Gear Ratio=1:7.54, 1:9.05 ?
Electronic speed controlle rincluded
Type 540 Motor

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