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Stock Availability - Out of stock items

This page lists the next expected delivery dates for products that are currently marked as unavailable on our website

Cornwall Model Boats have at least double the stockholding of any other supplier in the UK


Estimated delivery date

Amati/Victory ModelsDecember 16 2019
AeronautWeekly deliveries - Stock Levels Excellent
Billing BoatsWeekly deliveries from Importer.
Please note: Billing Boats production still sketchy with deliveries into UK taking several months - long lead times with no eta's available on fittings and certain kits.
Caldercraft Weekly stock orders delivered every Thursday. Stock situation at CMB is excellent on both kits and fittings as we deal direct
CAP MaquettesJanuary 2020
CorelJanuary 2020
GraupnerGraupner are now in insolvency, whilst still trading products only available whilst stocks last
HitecWeekly Orders
JPIncorporating amongst other things KS Metals and Evergreen plastics - Twice Weekly Orders
Mantua ModelsWeekly deliveries - Stock situation excellent
New MaquettesJanuary 2020
OccreWe are the main importer of OcCre products within the UK, and have been for the last 8 years - January 2020
RB ModelJanuary 2020. Stock levels at CMB are good although many products are unavailable from the factory
RobbeRobbe have a new owner for the boat side of products which is Krick, production may be slow in coming back, but eventually all fittings should be available again. .
TamiyaWeekly Deliveries.
TimberWeekly Deliveries.

Products from manufacturers NOT named in the above listing are expected within two weeks time subject to availability. Please also note that if the suppliers/manufacturers are out of stock then products may not arrive within the timescales quoted.

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