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Revell USS Enterprise 1:1200 Scale

Part No:
Price: 7.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 7.66 / US$9.26 Tax Free

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This type of aircraft carrier was developed on the line of the Ranger aircraft carrier, but they proved more satisfying in all the qualities. They were the most famous American aircraft carriers of the 2. World War.
- Launched: 3.10.1936
- Shipyard: Newport News
- Displacement: 19.800 tons
- Dimensions: 807,72 x 77,72 x 19,81 feet
- Machinery: 9 Babcock & Wilcox; Parsons gear turbines: H.P: 120.000 = 33 knots
- Armament: eight DCA canons of 130 (8x1); sixteen of 28,6 DCA, 3 catapults; 81 planes
- Crew: 1889 (in time of war: 2919)
- Battles: Miday, Landing in Guadlcanal, Easr Salomone (damaged), Santa Cruz (damaged), Guadalcanal battle, Gilbert-Islands, Kwajalein, Trukraid, Hollandia, Saipan, Philippines Sea, Palau, Leyte, Iwo, Okinawa (attackted by Kamikazes on 11.5.45 and 13.5.45)
- Fate: sold to Lipsette Inc.: (N.Y.) on 27.6.58 and arrived in Kearny 21.8.58 to be demolished.

Model details
Skill Level 3

Original details
Type description aircraft-carrier
Year/Period 1936
Engine capacity 120.000 WPS
Power Plant 9 central heating boiler Babcock & Wilcox
Speed 33 kn
Length 265 m

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