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Rotacraft RC250 230V Hi-Power LCD Rotary Power Tool

Part No:
Price: 99.98

Approx: 97.48 / US$100.82 Tax Free

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230v Variable speed rotary tool
Button speed control, 8000-35000 rpm
LCD display - exact speed control
3 grip positions - pen, pistol, palm
1.8m cable
100 accessories including collets 1, 2.35, 3, 3.2mm
Attractive aluminium case

Rotacraft RC250X Variable Speed - High Power LCD Rotary Tool Kit

A 230v tool with push button speed control & LCD display for exact speed settings

• 230v, 170w variable speed rotary tool
• Button LCD speed control 8,000-35,000 rpm
• Soft grip & 2 holding positions – pen & palm
• 100 accessories including collets 1.0, 2.35, 3.0, 3.2mm
• Hanging hook
• Ideal for tasks where both power and precision are required

Rotacraft offers an excellent range of precision tool kits – 12 volt, 230 volt and Cordless, suitable for beginner and the professional user. The tools are supported by a wide range of accessories and attachments. Ideal for modelling, electronics, general DIY, craft work, antique repair & restoration, engraving, jewellery making plus a variety of other precision tasks.

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