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Robbe Dolly II Harbour Launch 1:20

Part No:
Price: 119.99

Approx: 117.99 / US$130.99 Tax Free

Robbe Dolly Harbour Launch 1:20 New Version
Radio-controlled semi-scale model of a launch to 1:20 scale
Semi-scale model kit of a harbour launch to 1 : 20 scale
The full-size vessel
This type of vessel is employed for a multitude of purposes, and can be seen in many of the world's ports. These small launches can be fitted out for a wide variety of tasks, and are commonly used to transport people or materials; they can also be used as tugs for larger vessels if fitted with special towing gear, or even as fire-fighting launches.

The model
The Dolly is supplied in kit-form, and is a very good choice for the beginner to modelling. Building the model helps to practise and learn basic skills such as assembling, gluing, sanding and painting. CNC-machined plastic sheets, highly pre-fabricated hull and superstructure parts make constructing the model much easier.
Ample space in the hull and superstructure provides great scope for your own ideas if you wish to implement auxiliary working systems such as a working fire monitor, crane of towing gear.Set contents
•Kit including fittings set
•Vacuum-moulded ABS plastic hull
•Vacuum-moulded clear plastic superstructure
•Interior fittings and boatstand consisting of CNC-machined ABS sheet parts
•Rudder system, propeller shaft and stern tube, shaft coupling
•Decals, fittings and lighting system components
•Small parts required to complete the model
•Multi-lingual building instructions

Length: 550 mm
Width: 165 mm

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