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OPS 90 Marine Engine Black Head inc Pipe (OP5920)

Part No:
Price: 385.00 (Including VAT)

Approx: 368.95 / US$449.16 Tax Free

OPS MARINE 15cc-.90 RCB Nitro Engine.
OPS MARINE 14.87cc-.90 engine is top of the range and is very popular either for competition or sport, this engine is very rugged with lots of power at both ends and comes with rotary carburetor with bell crank for easy installation, it has rear drum induction on bearings and a needle bearing con-rod to give reliable performance.The engine comes with a marine tuned pipe. Now with remote fuel mixture scew( operation from sevo)

Displacement = 14.87cc-.90
Speed range = 6000-23200
Power = 6.05hp
Weight = 1250gr
ABC Piston liner classic 3 +2 assembly.

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