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OPS 90 Marine Engine Bi-Metal inc Pipe (OP5920)

Part No:
Price: 389.00 (Including VAT)

Approx: 372.80 / US$453.84 Tax Free

OPS MARINE 15cc-.90 RCB Nitro Engine.
Brand new 90 bi metal marine engine in a 80 size crankcase so quite small and compact (886gr) comes with water-cooled manifold and tuned pipe. The engine is drum valve and new carburettor with top and bottom adjustments along with remote main needle valve the engine has a unique liner made from aluminium then a small coating of brass and then chromed the engine has greater rpm and starting due to the good expansion and contraction of the new liner.

Displacement = 14.87cc-.90
Speed range = 6000-24000
Power = 6.25hp
Weight = 886gr

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