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Mtroniks M500 Marine Electric Motor

Part No:

Price: 9.95 (Including VAT)
Euro: 10.94 (Inc VAT) US$10.11 (Tax Free)

The Mtroniks 'Power M500' brushed motor is the middle motor in the new line of brushed motors for model boats from Mtroniks.

The M500 is a 500 can sized motor, sometimes referred to as 540 size, it is ideal for use in small to medium scale model boats running between 6 and 12V.

The M500 comes with suppression capacitor fitted to help reduce any nasty glitches or interference effects in your model and has standard pitch mounting holes of 25.0mm, M3.

Running at 12V, at maximum efficiency, the M500 will run at around 24000RPM and pull around 4Amps. Start up current, depending on prop size, would be around 15Amps.

Technical Specification
Motor Type Brushed
Motor size 500
RPM@12.0V 24000
Power 22W
Stall current @12V 21.0A
Shaft diameter 3.17mm
Length 56.0mm
Diameter 35.8mm
Weight 210.0g

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