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1-1/4 Inch Ceramic Burner for 2 Inch Boiler

Part No:
Miniature Steam

Price: 74.00 (Including VAT)
Euro: 86.58 (Inc VAT) US$78.94 (Tax Free)

This burner, from Miniature Steam, has a spun brass body with a cast ceramic insert that has been specifically designed to provide optimum burning characteristics in enclosed spaces such as the centre flue or firebox of a boiler. They are entirely different to inferior ceramic burners made from heating tiles designed for radiant room heaters! The gas/air mixture of the Miniature Steam ceramic burner burns outside the ceramic insert. This results in a more efficient transfer of heat to the boiler’s heating surface. The burner also remains relatively cool, thus improving the thermal efficiency of the burner and minimising the chance of back burning.

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