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Model Shipways Harriet Lane US Civil War Gunboat 1:144

Part No:
Model Shipways
Price: 152.00

Approx: 148.20 / US$153.27 Tax Free

Model Shipways Harriet Lane US Civil War Gunboat 1:144 Scale Kit MS2010
Built in New York for the U.S. Revenue Service in 1857, the Harriet Lane was powered by a combination of steam and sail. She was 180 ft. long, with a 30 ft. beam, and carried a 30 lb. Parrott rifle, plus three 9" smooth-bore Dahlgrens. Her design clearly illustrates the transition from sail to steam, as steam engines were not entirely reliable, and power was not yet sufficient to allow the elimination of sail.

Model Shipways Harriet Lane features a machine carved hardwood hull which needs only light shaping and sanding. We provide plank-scored basswood for decking and cabins, spars and hardwood blocks. Ladders, anchors, paddle wheels, two ship's boats, four cannon with carriages and numerous other fittings are finely cast Britannia metal. We’ve upgraded the kit to include laser cut paddle wheel covers. Model Shipways includes detailed plans and newly written clear instructions by master ship modeler, Ben Lankford, are easy to follow. (Baseboard and brass pedestals are not included.)

Solid Hull Construction
Length: 496mm
Height: 241mm
Scale 3/32 = 1 ft.

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