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Mantua Models - Manuals & Help Section

Contained here are copies of the Mantua build/Instruction manuals in PDF format for various kits from Mantua, Panart and Sergal. This section will also add product help and amendment details. Please click on the links to download the required file. The model kits can be found in the Static Display Section or under the Titanic section.

Bruma 1:43 (Mantua/Panart) 770

Instruction Manual for the Mantua Bruma Kit No. 736.
BRUMA 1:43 instructions Item No. 736

Caesar Roman Bireme 1:30 (Mantua) 770

Instruction Manual for the Mantua Caesar Kit No. 770.
CAESAR 1:30 instructions Item No. 770

Golden Star 1:150 (Mantua) 769

HMS President 1:60 Scale Model Ship (Sergal) 792

HMS Victory 1:78 Scale Model Ship (Sergal) 782

Instruction Manual for the Sergal HMS Victory Kit No. 782.
HMS VICTORY 1:78 instructions Item No. 782

HMS Victory 1:200 Scale Model Ship (Mantua) 720

Kon-Tiki 1:8 Scale Model Ship (Mantua) 703

Instruction Manual for the Mantua Kon-Tiki Kit No. 703.
KON-TIKI 1:8 instructions Item No. 703

Main and Mizzen Deck (Mantua) 710

Mincio 1:20 Freelance Runabout (Mantua) 704

Instruction Manual for the Mantua Mincio Kit No. 704.
MINCIO 1:20 instructions Item No. 704

Mississippi 1:50 Paddle Steamer (Sergal) 734

Instruction Manual for the Mantua Mincio Kit No. 734.
MISSISSIPPI 1:50 instructions Item No. 734

San Felipe 1:75 Scale Model Ship (Panart) 747

Instruction Manual for the Panart San Felipe Kit No. 747.
SAN FELIPE 1:75 instructions Item No. 747

Santa Maria 1:50 Scale Model Ship 775

Instruction Manual for the Mantua Santa Maria Kit No. 775.
SANTA MARIA 1:50 instructions Item No. 775

Section Deck Between Gun Bays 1:23 Scale Diorama (Panart) 740

Instruction Manual for the Panart Section deck diorama Kit No. 740.
SECTION DECK 1:23 instructions Item No. 740

Sovereign of the Seas 1:78 Scale Model Ship (Sergal) 787

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