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Fusion L712B Pro Emperor II DC

Part No:

Price: 190.00 (Including VAT)
Euro: 209.00 (Inc VAT) US$193.16 (Tax Free)

The Emperor L712B Pro is the ultimate choice for the professional modeller. With twin 500 watt chargers, the Emperor can charge two separate packs at up to 20 Amps per output!

Key Features: •Easy to use user interface
•11~28V DC Input
•2 x 0.1~20A Charging (max 500W per channel - Requires 28V DC input for 500W opperation)
•2 x 0.1~10A Discharging (max 50W per channel)
•2 x 1~7 Cell Lithium - Charge, Discharge and Storage
•2 x 1~18 Cell NiCd/NiMh - Charge, Discharge and Cycle
•2 x 2~24V Lead Acid - Charge and Discharge
•NiCd/NiMh - Automatic, Normal, Linear and Reflex Charge
•NiCd/NiMh - Adjustable Trickle Charge
•NiCd/NiMh - Adjustable Peak Sensitivity
•Lithium - Selectable Charge Rate Limit (up to 5C)
•Lithium - TCS (Terminal Capacity Selection)
•Lithium - Adjustable maximum cell voltage
•Safety Timer Cut-off
•Maximum Capacity Cut-off
•2 x Temperature Sensor Input (sensor optional)
•2 x 20 Battery Memories
•128 x 64 Pixel Blue Backlit LCD
•2 x 4mm Output Sockets
•2 x 7 Cell JST-EH Balance Port with 7 Cell adaptor boards for JST-XH and FP/TP
•10 Melodies (selectable for each channel)
•USB port for Firmware Upgrades
When combined with the O-FS-PS600ADJ 600W Adjustable Power Supply or the O-FS-PS2000ADJ 2,000W Power Supply, the Emperor can also be powered from the mains.

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