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Krick Victor 2 Cylinder Steam Engine - Horizontal Boiler

Part No:
Krick Custom Builds

Price: 1,076.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 1,215.88(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$1,174.64(Tax Free)

With the steam engines Alex and Victor, Krick are introducing a new series of oscillating steam engines, that have benefited from more then 20 years of experience in Model ships and Steam engines.

For use in Ship models oscillating steam engines have been especially useful. These are marked by their very easy construction, work capacity with low boiler pressure and minimal failures. To keep the standard of quality very high and to give even beginners in the world of steam engines the correct start, all engines are ready assembled and painted.
Before delivery these engines are tested under steam to ensure power capability and durability.

Steam Engine Victor

The Victor is the large boiler version of this steam engine series, and is capable of quite a bit more power. This is made possible by the modern ceramic burner and the boiler construction with 8 smoke pipes. This unit can effortlessly power ships up 15kg. Which makes this engine the ideal part for the steam launches Victoria and Borkum.

Steam Engine for the Krick Victoria and Borkum.
Requires Gas Tank and Refill adaptor.

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