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Guns of History Civil War Rucker Ambulance 1:16 Scale

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Guns of History
Price: 106.00

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Guns Of History Civil War Rucker Ambulance 1:16 Scale
The carnage of the Civil War made transporting the wounded from the battlefields a matter of life and death. The ambulance wagon designed by Brigadier General D. H. Rucker and built at the Government Repair shops at Washington proved to be the most valuable innovation. Used during the latter half of the war, it was able to carry patients in seated or prone positions.

Two litters (stretchers) on the floor of the wagon were divided by longitudinal hinged joints and could be bent at right angles to serve as bench seats. The upper platform halves, hinged to the sides of the wagon, dropped down to form the seat backs.

In the raised position, the seat backs were supported by iron posts hinged to their bottom surfaces. These posts fit into sockets in the floor. The resulting platform supported two more stretchers suspended from the roof. The space between the lower and the upper stretchers was ventilated by louver openings on each side of the body of the wagon.

The ambulance body rested on platform springs designed to reduce both fore-and-aft and side-to-side jostling. The suspension also included a horizontal draught spring under the fifth wheel to reduce the sudden lurch of the wagon when the team started to pull it. Though somewhat heavier than other ambulance designs at 1,120 pounds, the added weight improved stability.

· Historically accurate and perfectly scaled
· Cleanly cast Britannia metal components
· Laser-cut ply and basswood platform & chassis
· Spoked wooden wheels with metal rims & axels
· Realistic Red Cross decals
· Canvas top
· Clearly written illustrated instructions
Model length 8-1/2"/width 4"/height 6"

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