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Guns of History 18c Deck Carronade 32 Pounder 1:24 Scale

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Guns of History
Price: 54.00

Approx: 53.10 / US$58.95 Tax Free

Guns Of History 18c. Deck Carronade 32 Pounder 1:24 Scale MS4004

The carronade was a cast iron smoothbore, developed by Charles Gascoigne, manager of the Carron Ironworks in Falkirk, Scotland. Carronades were shorter and lighter than equivalent long guns. But, the advantage in weapon weight was offset by a much shorter range. Shot from a 32-pounder long gun traveled nearly a mile. Discharged from a 32-pounder carronade, the same shot traveled less than 1,000 yards.

The low muzzle velocity of the carronade’s round shot inflicted a lot of damage, leading to its nickname, the “masher.” It could also be loaded with chain, hot shot, musket balls, or scrap metal, making it an effective weapon in naval warfare. It was capable of raking the deck of an enemy ship, setting it afire, or shredding its sails and rigging. Carronades were used from the 1770s to the 1860s.

• Historically accurate and perfectly scaled
• Wooden gun carriage, deck & bulwark
• One-piece Britannia metal cannon barrel
• Authentically detailed cannon barrel
• Clearly written illustrated instructions
• Easy to build – assembly & painting time 5-10 hours

• Length 8-1/4"
• Width 4-1/2"
• Height 3-1/2"
• Scale 1:24
• Weight 1 lb. - Measurements include base

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