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Heller Chebec 1:50 Scale

Part No:

Price: 149.99 (Including VAT)
Euro: 164.99 (Inc VAT) US$152.49 (Tax Free)
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It should be noted that LE CHEBEC is not the original name of a boat, but corresponds to a type of very slim, streamlined yacht, normally with three masts, with Latin form sails and oars. The form and sails of LE CHEBEC vessel closely resemble those of a galley, its narrow bow and external stern platform visibly resemble the galley's ram and deck. The construction of the LE CHEBEC vessel reproduced by HELLER, and that of the other three ships, was decided in 1750 by the Minister Antoine-Louis de ROUILLE, Count of Jouy. The four prototypes must have proven satisfactory, as in 1764, the construction of four new LE CHEBEC ships was decided. The history of LE CHEBEC is not well known and is often associated with the many adventures of French corsairs, or even the boarding of merchant ships. The LE CHEBEC ships have now disappeared, after having nevertheless survived nearly half a century as fishing vessels. It is accepted that naval construction has never seen vessels as streamlined, designed for speed and attack.

Scale 1:50
Length 1005mm
Height 760mm

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