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Graupner Theodor Heuss Premium Line Model

Part No:

Price: 881.00 (Including VAT)
Euro: 969.10 (Inc VAT) US$895.69 (Tax Free)

Scale model of the first sea rescue cruiser featuring the current configuration (tower superstructure and separate daughter boat for shallow water operations). All subsequent cruisers have been built to the same layout.
A total of four ships of the Theodor Heuss class have been built.
On 12.02.1957 the cruiser was christened with the name of the German Federal President of the time, Theodor Heuss.
The daughter boat was christened Tedje, which is the North German diminutive of the first name Theodor.
The Theodor Heuss remained in service from 1957 to 1963 at Borkum, and from 1963 to 1985 at Laboe. The cruiser was subsequently sold, and is still sailing today as a motor yacht under the name Frido Spatz.
The daughter boat has also been in private ownership since 1996, and is due to sail again after restoration.
Previously it was set up as a display exhibit in front of the Norddeich rescue hangar.
The Theodor Heuss which is on display in the German Museum in Munich is the renamed sister ship H.H. Meier.

Pack contents:
Ready-made model (ARTR)
GRP hulls for both models
Superstructure assembled from laser-cut ABS parts
Detail fittings and small parts made of metal or plastic
Finely detailed superstructure and details
Daughter boat included in the set
Daughter boat can be lowered to the water and then operated separately
Hull, superstructure and daughter boat, spray-finished with semi-matt paint
Decals already applied
The cruiser is fitted with three factory-installed Speed 600 class electric motors
The daughter boat is fitted with one factory-installed Speed 280 class electric motor
Simple installation of the RC components in the cruiser
Installation of the RC components in the daughter boat is difficult due to the small size of the vessel, but is certainly possible
Set contents: sea rescue cruiser, daughter boat, boatstands, small items

RC functions (cruiser)
Forward / reverse running, proportional speed control
Open / close stern flap
Lower daughter boat by opening the stern flap

RC functions (daughter boat)
Forward / reverse, proportional speed control

Specification (cruiser)
Overall length approx. 1160mm
Beam approx. 265mm
Overall height approx. 560mm
All-up weight approx. 6.3kg
Scale approx. 1:20

Specification (daughter boat)
Overall length approx. 325mm
Beam approx. 115mm
Overall height approx. 165mm
All-up weight approx. 495g
Scale approx. 1:20

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