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Graupner Schottel Drive Unit II (2335)

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Price: 99.89 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euro: 110.88(Inc VAT) US$104.30(Tax Free)

The Schottel drive unit was developed by the Schottel company, and represents a modern and very capable method of propulsion for working ships whose duties require very high manoeuvrability, such as harbour tugs, ferries and other special-purpose vessels. In contrast to conventional marine propulsion systems, with their separate propeller shaft and rudder systems, the Schottel system integrates both assemblies. The propeller is mounted below the ship's bottom in a Kort nozzle which itself has the effect of increasing effective thrust. The nozzle can be swivelled around the vertical axis and the resultant flow of water can be directed in lieu of the vessel's rudder. The Schottel drive unit II adopts the same working principles as the original design.

A Schottel drive, developed by the Schottel company, is a modern and extremely powerful drive version specifically for working boats that need to possess excellent manoeuvrability such as harbour tugs, ferries and special vessels. Unlike conventional ship's drives with separate shaft and rudder systems, the Schottel drive combines both these control groups.The ship's propeller, which is mounted below the ship's bottom in a power-increasing Kort nozzle, can be swivelled to the side and the flow of water produced is thus utilised as a rudder directly. The Schottel drive II corresponds to the original concept in terms of its mode of operation. Used in conjunction with the powerful OMA-3810-1050 (No.6630) motor, the integrated gear with a ratio of 3:1 and the special 65 mm ship's propeller, a high drive output is achieved, so the drive is suitable for use in larger and heavier models. It is sturdy and made of plastic. A powerful servo (e.g. C 4821, order no. 3896) is used in a special holder for direct control. At a servo movement ratio of 2:1, the swivel range of the ship's propeller is approx. 180°, depending on the servo. The swivel range is not mechanically restricted. Depending on the installation conditions, the servo carrier can be mounted laterally on the shaft in various positions.

New version 2017
Underwater unit now manufactured in RAL 3009 oxydred. This means no painting is necessary when fitting to the fuselage.
Propeller in new geometry, much more efficient and manufactured in RAL 1036 pearl gold
Helical bevel gears ensure quiet running and better power transmission

Pack contents
Pre-assembled Schottel drive made of injection-moulded plastic, servo carrier, ship's propeller Ø 65 mm counterclockwise and ship's propeller Ø 65 mm clockwise, installation and operating instructions in German, English and French.

Required Accessories
Servo DES 718 (No.7947) or
Servo DES 707 (No.7945)
Motor Brushless Speed (No.7290) or
Coupling (No.3373) or (no.sz1018.11)
High Perfromance grease (No.570)

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