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Graupner Schottel Drive Unit I (1761)

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Price: 82.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 92.12(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$88.25(Tax Free)
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The Schottel drive unit, developed by the Schottel company, is a typical power unit installed on many types of working vessel such as tugs, ferries and buoy layers. The power of the drive motor is transmitted to the propeller, which is able to swivel. This arrangement alters the angle of thrust of the power unit directly, i.e. the flow is not deflected by a rudder, and this makes the Schottel drive unit a highly efficient design. The Schottel drive unit I emulates the functions and construction of the full-size system: the swivel range is 2 x 90º (180º) if a 2 x 45º servo is used.

Prop Diameter 37mm inside a 50mm O/D Kort Nozzle
Projects around 80mm from bottom of hull

The Schottel drive, developed by the Schottel company, is the typical drive version used in working boats such as tugs, ferries and buoy laying vessels. The drive motor's power is transferred via the ship's propeller which can swivel laterally in a Kort nozzle. Since the drive's thrust is hereby controlled directly, i.e. not deflected by a rudder, the Schottel drive achieves a high level of efficiency. The Schottel drive corresponds to the master design in terms of function and structure. The swivel range is 2 x 90° when using a 2 x 45° servo. The drive has been designed for use with SPEED 500 to SPEED 600 motors with a max. output of 50 watts.
The shafts are made of stainless V2A steel and feature ball bearings in the areas under significant load; the other bearings are made of high-quality bearing metal materials. The Kort nozzle of the drive is attached to the drive by means of a latch fastener, so the ship's propeller is easy to clean if it gets dirty. It is well suited to the PARAT tug, instead of the Voith-Schneider drive.

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