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Dumas Hawk 3.5 Hydroplane #1331

Part No:

Price: 177.50 incl. VAT
Approx: 195.25 / US$190.82
Temporarily unavailable.

Dumas Hawk 3.5 Hydroplane #1331
Mind blowing, heart pounding, teeth grinding, thrill a minute, living on the edge speed. The Hawk Hydroplane, designed by champion racer Gary Preusse, is all of the above. This boat is chock full of racer friendly features. Front sponsons are offset for better handling in turns. Rear sponsons are detachable for easy change for race tuning and to enhance course racing. For straight away racing, rear sponsons are removable. This extremely light boat comes in kit form and features birch plywood and foam construction. Running hardware is sold separately.

Length 33 1/2 inches
Beam 17 1/4 inches
Power Unit 3.5cc

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