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Dumas Hotshot 3.5 Sprint #1326

Part No:

Price: 146.00 (Including VAT)
Euro: 160.60 (Inc VAT) US$148.44 (Tax Free)

Dumas Hotshot 3.5 Sprint #1326
This 24 in. tunnel hull is a water ripper that is sure to please everyone, beginner and pro alike. This kit features precision die-cut plywood con-struction and a preformed ABS cowl. Step by step instructions with lots of photos and a complete plan set that makes building a SNAP. We have even included the building jig, complete steering and throttle linkage in the kit! You’re two feet ahead of the competition with the Dumas HOT SHOT SPRINT 3.5.

Length 24 inches
Beam 11 1/4 inches
Power Unit 3.5cc Outboard

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