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Dumas Chris-Craft 16' Utility Boat #1240

Part No:
Price: 263.00 (Including VAT)

Approx: 256.43 / US$300.26 Tax Free

Dumas Chris Craft 16' Utility Boat #1240
This sporty little speedster from the late 40s is an all-wood kit with a double-planked hull similar to our other Chris-Craft kits. Included in the kit are chrome-plated fittings, vacuum-formed seats, running hardware, and a complete set of flags and decals. The Utility Boat would be a great start into the Chris-Craft line. If you have built the other kits, this will make a nice addition to your fleet.

Kit #1240
Length: 24 inches
Beam: 9 inches
Scale: 1/8th
Running Hardware: Included in kit

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