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Dumas Mt Washington Paddle Steamer #1235

Part No:

Price: 652.99 (Including VAT)
Euro: 718.29 (Inc VAT) US$663.88 (Tax Free)

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Dumas Mt Washington Paddle Steamer #1235
The Dumas kit of The Mount Washington includes everything needed to bring the original grandeur back to life. An ABS plastic hull and a birch plywood die cut superstructure provide the basic shape, while embossed plastic, cabin detail, cast metal fittings, and full color decals add the touches that make the model complete. Our step by step instructions will help you transform your kit into an historic model that will be sure to find a place in the history of your family.

Length: 44-1/2 inches
Beam: 12 inches
Scale: 1/48

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