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Dumas US Coastguard 44' Lifeboat #1203

Part No:

Price: 175.99 incl. VAT
Approx: 193.59 / US$189.19

Dumas US Coastguard 44' Lifeboat #1203
In 1963 the pleasure boating industry was booming with more new boaters than ever before. Unfortunately business was also booming for the Coast Guard with more boating accidents than ever before. They found their answer in their new 44 ft. self-righting Motor Lifeboat. Powered by twin 180 h.p. diesel engines, the boat could achieve speeds of 15 knots and in tests where it towed a 100 ton 95 foot patrol boat, she proved to be a decent little tug as well. Kit 1203 is the all wood version which features plank on frame balsa strip construction, with cleanly die-cut parts for construction of the superstructure. 39 cast fittings and a distinctive Coast Guard insignia decal top off this kit.

Length 33 inches
Beam 9 inches
Scale 3/4 in. to 1 ft.
Running Hardware Kit 2335 for twin motors in opposite directions or 2311 for twin motor in same direction

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