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Dumas Star Class 30 Sailboat #1121

Part No:

Price: 170.00 (Including VAT)
Euro: 198.90 (Inc VAT) US$181.34 (Tax Free)
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Dumas Star Class 30" Sailboat #1121
A thrill to sail, exciting to race: the full size Star was designed and built in 1911 yet remains an Olympic Class favorite. This all wood kit gives you rich mahogany planking over a plywood frame and precision die-cut wood pieces. The kit contains complete fittings and cut and sewn sails. She is as handsome as her full size counterpart. Use a Dumas 3702 sail control unit and 2-channel radio and you are ready for hours of sailing enjoyment.

Length 30 inches
Beam 7-5/8 inches
Mast 44 inches
Sail Control Unit 3702 Required

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