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Dremel VersaFlame

Dremel Versa Flame

The Dremel VersaFlame is powered by liquid butane gas for quick heat-up and fast recharrge. Applications include soldering, shrinking, welding etc.

Weight: 0.227Kg
Ignition: Piezo
Burn time: 75-90 min
Tank capacity: 42ml / 22g
Temperature: 1200C (open air, 680-1000C (hot air), 550C (tips)

Tank capacity - longer use with a 22g tank capacity lasting 75-90 mins at maximum capacity
Child safety - a child safety mechanism prevents children from turning on the tool
Flame lock button - for continuous hands free use
Stationary use - by using the oversized removable foot
Precise flame - allows for detailed open flame work
Convenience - powered by liquid butane gas means this tool can be used anytime, anywhere
Short heat-up time - and with quick recharges this tool is always ready for use
Quality construction - Dremel durability ensures a long tool lifetime
Variable temperature setting - select the right temperature for your project.

Dremel VersaFlame

Dremel VersaFlame

Price: 37.88 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 42.81(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$41.36(Tax Free)

Part No: DF0132200JA

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