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Artesania Latina HMS Victory 1:84 Scale

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Price: 679.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
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Artesania HMS Victory
The First Rate ship HMS Victory was launched on May 7th 1765. It played an important part in the English Fleet from 178 until 1812 and built its reputation in the important battles at Ushante (1781) & San Vincente (1797).
But it was on October 21st 1805 at the cape of Trafalgar where, under the command of Admiral Nelson this ship brought victory to the English fleet over the Spanish-French Armada.
The battle of Trafalgar whose 200 year anniversary marked the climax and supremacy of the Royal Navy

Scale: 1:84
Length: 1250mm
Height: 850mm
Width: 450mm

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