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Artesania Latina Mayflower 1620

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Artesania Latina
Price: 132.00

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Artesania Mayflower 1620
Build this 1/64 scale wooden model of the 17th century English ship Mayflower. It is a model in miniature directed mainly to the modelers of advanced level. The modeling kit is made of high quality materials and includes a full set of full color instructions. Once finalized this beautiful model is 23.81'' long, 19.68'' high and 9.44'' wide. Enjoy this jewel of the British naval modeling.

Scale: 1:64
Length: 605mm
Height: 500mm
Width: 125mm

Artesania Mayflower 1620
Discover the Mayflower, wooden model of this freighter ship of century XVII. This ship transported 102 English separatists - now known as the Pilgrim Fathers - from Plymouth to the New World, making this journey an iconic one within early American history.

The Mayflower was a typical English merchant ship from the early 17th century. After two failed attempts to return to port for repairs, the famous voyage began on 6 September arriving at the coast of Newfoundland in November. It would not be until well into the winter when they managed to reach New England.

On its return the Mayflower would be destroyed, being constructed almost three centuries later a replica that can be visited like boat museum in the port of Plymouth.

Build your 1/64 scale model of the Mayflower, an early US history icon. Its system of construction by means of false keel and frames about the assembly of your model to the construction of the real ship.

The modeling kit comprises high precision laser cut board, wood, brass, cast iron and fabric. Also includes cut and hand-sewn cotton sails ready to be placed.

For the assembly you will be able to follow our complete guide step-by-step in 4 languages ??and in full color, accompanied by the real scale drawings of the finished model.

Scale: 1:64
Length: 605mm
Height: 500mm
Width: 125mm

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