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Amati Fellucca

Part No:
Price: 42.95

Approx: 42.23 / US$46.88 Tax Free

Amati Fellucca Model Boat Kit.
The felucca is a small wooden boat with a sharply raked mast and a large triangular sail hanging from a long, two-piece yard. They are light and maneuverable, carrying 10 passengers and a crew of two or three. They still sail the Red Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Nile in Egypt. In America, a fleet of feluccas, built by southern Italian immigrants, thronged San Francisco’s docks before the construction of Fisherman’s Wharf in 1884.

Easy to build, Junior Line. These kits make it possible for all modellers to easily build perfectly scaled ships with quality materials

Length: 410mm

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