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Amati Constellation America's Cup Defender 1964 1:35 Scale Model Boat kit

Part No:
Price: 110.00

Approx: 107.25 / US$110.92 Tax Free

Constellation was designed by Olin J. Stephens, who had already conceived other America's Cup winners such as the "J" Class Ranger (1937) and the Twelve Metre Class Columbia (1958). Constellation had a wooden hull and an overall windage of 1690 square metres.
R.N. Bavier, the skipper, lead to victory Constellation winning over Sovereign, the British contender.

The kit includes Pre-built resin hull, high quality wooden deck, brass photo-ectched parts, metal and resin fittings, cloth sails, detailed instructions booklet and construction plans.

Scale 1:35
Length: 600mm
Height: 850mm

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