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Amati Columbia America's Cup Defender 1958 1:35 Scale Model Boat Kit

Part No:
Price: 110.00

Approx: 106.34 / US$111.84 Tax Free

Olin Stephens brought all his vast and sound experience in the design of the 1958 America's Cup Defender. Columbia was built in the Nevins Yacht Yard under the supervision of Olin Stephens.
This 12 metre yacht had a wooden hull and could sail at very high speed. The skipper Briggs Cunningham inevitably took Columbia to the victory, winning over all contenders.

The kit includes pre-built resin hull, high quality wooden deck and planking, photo-etched metal and wooden fittings, cloth sails and construction plans.

Scale 1:35
Length: 580mm
Height: 810mm

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