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Aeronaut Delphin Fishing Boat

Part No:
Price: 108.95

Approx: 105.32 / US$110.76 Tax Free

Aeronaut Delphin Fishing Boat - Model Boat Kit
Semi-scale kit of a fishing boat, all parts highly pre-fabricated for rapid assembly. This vessel is primarily intended for beginners to modelling, but also offers plenty of enjoyment to any active model-maker.

In addition to the building instructions the kit contains a detailed full-size plan, vacuum-moulded hull, wood / plastic superstructure, fittings, shaft and propeller, and many small items.

The only tools required are a knife, scissors, set of files, drill, fretsaw, paintbrush and clothes pegs.

The kit contains:
A construction plan with instruction booklet in German, deep drawn pre-fabricated hull and superstructure, pre formed parts, shaft, stern tube and propeller, boat stand and all fittings and other accessories.

Length 730mm
Width 220mm

Please Note: This model only has German instructions, whilst this should not cause the average modeller any problems, we cannot recommend this kit for the beginner to ship modelling

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