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Volantex Vector 30 Brushed RTR Racing Boat RTR (Red)

Part No:
Price: 36.00

Approx: 34.80 / US$36.60 Tax Free

At a convenient 300mm long the opportunities for getting out and having some racing fun are optimised with the Vector 30. Perfect for the pond or pool this little waterborne rocket ship is made from durable injection-moulded ABS and embellished in a choice of two race-inspired trim schemes.

Tucked neatly inside the tough and compact hull you'll find a 2-in-1 combined receiver / speed control unit, a powerful 180-size water cooled brushed motor, a 9g rudder servo and a 2-cell 360mAh Li-ion battery, the whole protected from moisture by a sealed water-resistant hatch. Make no mistake, this is a nifty, smooth running little boat that not only turns on a sixpence but has that all-important self-righting capability to ensure that you’re never left stranded in open water.

Hugely desirable, the Vector 30 comes 100% factory-assembled, Ready-To-Run, and includes a 2-channel 2.4GHz radio, 2S 360mAh Li-Ion battery, plus convenient USB charger. All you need to add are the AA batteries for the transmitter and you can be powering across your pool just minutes after opening the box.

Key Features
100% factory-assembled and ready to run.
Trouble-free self-righting design.
30 km/h top speed.
Sealed water resistant hatch for moisture protection.
Twin trim tabs to ensure stable, smooth running.
Turn fins facilitate tight, controlled turns and prevent spinning out.
Powerful water-cooled 180-size motor.
Proportional 2.4GHz steer-wheel transmitter.
Available in two attractive colour schemes (red & black).
Compact and convenient size = frequent use.
Forward and reverse running.
What's in the Box
1x Vector 30 Ready-To-Run powerboat.
1x 2-channel 2.4GHz steer-wheel transmitter.
1x 7.4V 360mAh Li-Ion battery with JST connector.
1x USB battery charge lead.
1x Spare propeller.
1x Display stand.
1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
Needed to Complete
4x AA batteries for the transmitter.

Overall length (mm): 300
Width (mm): 80
Top speed (km/h): 30
Battery (Li-Ion): 2S 360mAh

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