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Mtroniks Viper TT-25 Electronic Speed Controller

Part No:

Price: 26.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 29.96(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$28.34(Tax Free)

TT-25 Brushed speed controller with 27T motor limit and three driving modes

6-12 Volts input voltage
Motor Limit 25A
100% waterproof design
Dimensions : L42.0mm x W30.0mm x H16.0mm, Weight : 55g

To mark the 25th anniversary of Mtroniks, we have developed a new range of brushed speed controllers incorporating exciting new technology from our large scale industrial motor drives.
We have retained our innovative, and now famous, water proofing techniques but almost everything else is new!
TRUE TORQUE is a new way of accurately controlling motor current, it virtually eliminates motor saturation and due to the amazing power of the latest miniature processors we have, at last, been able to incorporate this into our new range of speed controllers.
The main advantage of TRUE TORQUE is the way in which motors and batteries are protected from dangerous currents, even in a full power motor stall situation. But as well as this, motor life is extended due to lower brush wear, particularly in high power models.
These new controllers also have Li-Po battery support and three driver profile modes, so the controller can be used as a forwards and brake only, forwards and instant reverse or forwards, brake then reverse!

A break down of the TT-25 specification can be seen below
•Selectable battery type, NiCAD/NiMH or Lipo
•Built in failsafe to protect against complete loss of signal or when out of range (compatible with all manufacturers receivers)**INDUSTRY FIRST**
•ABSOLUTE short circuit and motor overload protection
•27T motor limit (25A continuous)
•Green LED Running lights
•5V/1.5A BEC
•Quad core bridge switching microprocessor
•4-8 cells NiCAD/NIMH or 2 cell Lipo
•Three driver modes - Forwards and instant Reverse, Forwards, Brake and double tap Reverse or Forwards and Brake only
•4 Layer super power circuit board
•Thermal integrated protection system
•Digital one touch set up
•Legendary 100% waterproof design
•Dimensions : L42.0mm x W30.0mm x H16.0mm
•Weight : 45g

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