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Turk Model Liman 2 Historic Tugboat 1:20

Part No:
Turk Model
Price: 285.00

Approx: 280.25 / US$311.13 Tax Free

Turk Model Liman 2 Historic Tugboat 1:20
The Liman 2 was built in Holland by Kreber company in 1936. She served to Istanbul Port Administrating as a tugboat until 1988. It is kept in a private museum in Istanbul as working condition.

Turk Models produces extremely well designed and detailed Model Ship Kits & Model Boat Kits. All Turk Models ship model kits have laser cut plywood, timber planking and highly detailed parts and fittings. The building instructions are in English and are well presented with detailed colour photos to assist the building process. Kit is suitable for RC - available as a separate unit.
Contains Internal cabin details and LEDS

1:20 Scale
Length 1000mm
Width 250mm
Height 276mm

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