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Tamiya Tyrell P34 Six Wheeler 1976

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Price: 199.99 (Including VAT)
Euro: 219.99 (Inc VAT) US$203.33 (Tax Free)

The Tyrrell P34 caused a sensation within the F1 world when it was unveiled in 1975. Derek Gardner sought to enhance braking and cornering performance by reducing the size of the drag-inducing front tires while preserving contact patch area through the use of 4 tires, thereby creating the only 6-wheeled machine in F1 history.

It took part in actual races beginning with the Spanish GP in 1976, and drivers J. Scheckter and P. Depailler went on to drive their cars to a 1-2 finish at the Swedish GP to prove the incredible potential of the P34. At the final race of the season, the P34 appeared before Japanese fans at the inaugural Japanese GP held at Fuji Speedway. F1 race cars often have race-specific modifications, and the No.3 Tyrrell P34 driven by J. Scheckter at the Japanese GP was distinguished by a triangular net guard fitted on the air funnel and large wingtip panels on the rear wing. The race was a battle for the championship between Ferrari's N. Lauda and McLaren's J. Hunt and drew a great deal of attention both within Japan and around the world.

Six of the Best
This R/C model assembly kit recreates in 1/10 scale the 1976 Japan GP version of the 6-wheeled racing car that was the talk of the paddock that year. The model features accurate depictions of the sporty nose cowl, the V8 and its distinctive cylinder cover, plus the rear wing and its end plates, all in durable and lightweight polycarbonate. Separate polycarbonate parts are included to depict the driver. Stickers are included to recreate Scheckter's no.3 car and Depailler's no.4, with sponsor and tire markings also included.

Special 6-Wheeled F103 Chassis
The high performance direct drive 2WD chassis utilizes a semi double deck frame with 1.5mm thick upper and 2.5mm thick lower FRP plates. Kingpin coil spring 4-wheel independent front suspension consists of the one-piece lower arm and individual left/right upper arms. One servo controls the steering of all four front wheels. The rear suspension features a rigid T-bar with a TRF damper and low-friction pads. The spur gear has a built-in ball diff for limited slip effect. Grippy sponge tires masterfully harness the power provided by the torque-tuned motor.

Length: 430mm, Width: 200mm, Height: 108mm, Weight: 735g (excluding battery pack and R/C equipment)
Tread: 140mm (Front), 155mm (Rear)
Tire Width/Diameter: 23/44mm (Front), 64/45mm (Rear)
FRP Semi Double Deck Frame
Transverse Motor, Rear Direct Drive 2WD
Ball Differential
Symmetrical Steering Tie-Rods
Suspension: Kingpin Coil Spring (Front), T-Bar Rigid (Rear)
Gear Ratio=4.5:1(when used with 14T Pinion and 63T Spur gear)
Torque-Tuned Motor
Electronic Speed Controller

Separately Required Items
2-Channel R/C Unit with ESC
Battery Pack & Charger
R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter

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