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Tamiya TEU-106BK Brushed Dual Motor Electronic Speed Controller

Part No:
Price: 69.95

Approx: 67.62 / US$71.11 Tax Free

This is a compact forward/reverse electronic speed controller for twin-motor R/C models such as the Dual Hunter, Agrios and Super Clod Buster.

A single button allows easy setting of forward/reverse high points and neutral position. The reverse function can be disabled and the ESC features heat and over current protection functions with LED indicator. Compatible with Lithium-Ion battery technologies, and includes a battery cut-off function to prevent over-discharging. Alarm and LED warnings indicate no-signal status. The 106BK features an aluminum heat sink and built-in BEC.

Caution: Motors rated below 25 Turns are not meant to be used with the TEU-106BK and should not be used.

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