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Tamiya Super Fighter GR

Part No:

Price: 112.50 incl. VAT
Approx: 124.88 / US$116.25
Temporarily unavailable.

This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit of the Super Fighter GR off-road buggy. Its simple 2WD chassis with 4-wheel double wishbone suspension offers agile handling while its straightforward, rugged construction ensures easy assembly and superb reliability. Combining exciting performance with user-friendliness, the Super Fighter GR is the perfect way for R/C novices to start enjoying this wonderful hobby.

he bathtub type frame chassis features a longitudinal battery layout for lower center of gravity and optimum weight distribution. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is equipped with coil spring damped units to provide superb off-road traction. A sealed gearbox protects against dust and debris and is equipped with differential gears to efficiently transmit the motor's power to the rear wheels. Grooved front and rear spike tires are also included.

Length: 384mm
Width: 248mm
Height: 145mm
Wheelbase: 260mm
Ground Clearance: 26mm
Weight: 1,140g
Type 540 Motor
Rear-Wheel Drive 2WD
Tread (F/R)=217mm/208mm
3-Bevel Differential Gear
2-piece Steering Tie-Rod
F/R Double Wishbone Suspension
Gear Ratio=9.28:1

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